Terra Planter

Indoor-outdoor planter made from sturdy and sustainable expanded cork

An office oasis

An office oasis

The Terra Planter is the perfect balance of functional design with natural elegance. Crafted from natural cork with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, this stylish planter comes in two different sizes to adapt to your space, and can be used to creatively section off desk spaces, office floor plans and more.

Enhance your working space and bring the tranquillity of green plants and nature into your office environment. Terra's versatile sizing allows you to experiment with different plant combinations to create a captivating and enticing feature. 

plant power

Available as an option - wooden cover made of oak wood that can transform theTerra Planter to a table or a bench with storage space.The cover is available in 2 colors and sizes. It is sold as a separate unit.

We use expanded cork as the key material for our planters and office furniture. We use natural cork because it boasts remarkable durability and aesthetic appeal, and is a greener and more sustainable choice because the cork is naturally crafted from a by-product of the corking industry.

Cork is renewable, biodegradable and sustainable, and offers subtle warm tones to any room or space, providing a charming contrast to the vibrant green color of any plants used in the planter. Easy to pot up and with no maintenance required, Terra Planters provide a touch of nature to help you create healthier, calmer and more inviting workspaces. The planter also allows easy access for potting and re-potting as required.  

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Expanded Cork

Oak Wood Cover

What is Expanded Cork?

The Terra Planters are made fully out of expanded cork blocks, also sometimes called smoked cork. Expanded cork is itself, in a way, a byproduct of the traditional cork industry. Expanded cork is made from the bark of the cork tree that is of too poor quality to be used for producing wine corks. It is manufactured from the cork bark of the upper branches of the cork oak tree. This bark is normally left, due to it being too thin or too inconsistent to use in traditional cork products. It is then turned into cork granules that are steam-heated, which causes the them to expand and activate the suberin, the resin in the cork, that will naturally bind them together into large blocks. Hence, no binding material needs to be added to produce expanded cork. Thanks to its open cells, expanded cork holds excellent acoustic properties.


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