For the shape-shifters and nature whisperers

For the shape-shifters and nature whisperers

“Sillon” which means groove in English is a modular cork panel allowing people to create large cork wall just like one would do with tiles. Their logic comes from the will to create a pattern for a cork panel that can be multiplied while making the seams difficult to see and the original small pattern difficult to notice. 

By turning the panel on its four different sides, a wide variety of combinations and larger patterns can be created, thus giving them a flexibility and more freedom for architects to create slightly more unique 3D walls with standard panels.The distinctive texture and patterns created through Sillon cork panelling can add visual interest and a unique focal point to a room, shifting its energy and creating a calmer flow. 

Stillness and serenity

Our high quality, ethically harvested cork is known for its excellent sound absorbing properties, helping to quieten noise and echo while creating a more relaxing haven for you to live and work in. We can advise you on how to best use Sillon for sound reduction in a space. 

Sillon's biophilic design helps you to create a unique piece, while its earthy tones and natural texture makes a room more inviting and pleasant to enter. Cork is also low-maintenance, hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew and pests, making it a healthier choice for interior design, with a warm texture and color that makes any space feel inviting and reminiscent of nature. 

Stillness and serenity


Our Sillon provides undeniable sound-reducing qualities which were tested in accordance to the ISO 11654:1997 by a certified laboratory in the Netherlands. Class D NRC 0,3.

Working together we will provide you with the best acoustic solution possible according to your space.

   Conditions of use

As a 100% natural material, each cork tile is absolutely unique. Slight color and thickness differiations may occur. After installation, in some parts, points of junction might be visible.

•  Indoor use only

•  Avoid proximity with sources of water & heat

Customization options

Cork colors

A sustainable choice

A sustainable choice

Cork is a highly eco-friendly decorative option, and is a fully renewable product that's easily recycled. Unlike other trees, cork oak trees are not cut down during harvesting. Instead, only the bark is carefully stripped away, leaving the tree alive and able to regenerate its bark. Cork can be manually harvested from a tree every 9-12 years. Our panels come in two different shades to make them as true to nature as possible, reflecting the varying grains of wood available from different types of tree bark. 

Cork harvesting is sustainable and environmentally responsible. Trees are not harmed or disrupted during the process. Cork oak forests play a crucial role in carbon sequestration, helping to mitigate climate change. 

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