Suspended luminaire with a panel containing preserved plants providing high-level acoustic absorbance

Sound absorbing biophilic lighting

Sound absorbing biophilic lighting

A groundbreaking fusion of acoustic innovation, sustainability, and design, the Hoverlight is our first product that seamlessly incorporates lighting into our preserved greenery. Its durable material ensures the longevity of the product while also providing a contemporary aesthetic.

The carefully preserved plants within the frame give it a look of a lush and tranquil garden, suspended mid-air. Each plant is meticulously selected and preserved, making it sustainable and ensuring its vibrancy and beauty is maintained without any upkeep or watering. Its intricate texture and vibrant green hues provide a captivating visual, bringing a natural touch to your indoors.

Integration of
light and nature

At its core, the Hoverlight features a cutting-edge LED module that delivers a soft and diffused up/down light, offering an impressive 2000 Lumen output with a CRI 90+ and temperature options of 2700/3000/3500/4000K. This dual functionality ensures that Hoverlight is not just a lighting solution but a holistic experience that enhances both visual appeal and auditory comfort.

The lamp's adaptable suspension length allows you to customize its proportions, enabling you to choose the distance that best complements your interior. Offered in two lighting configurations: upward and downward illumination, or exclusively upward.

Integration of light and nature

Customization options

Frame Powder Coatings

Matte Black -
Matte Black
Custom -


Velvet Leaf -
Velvet Leaf
Reindeer Moss -
Reindeer Moss
Ball Moss -
Ball Moss
Forest -

Velvet Leaf Colors

Saffron -
Zest -
Wild Mint -
Wild Mint
Natural -

Reindeer Moss Colors


Ball Moss Colors

Lush (GBM1) -
Lush (GBM1)
Wild (GBM5) -
Wild (GBM5)

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