Framed winner of AZ Awards 2023

Delighted to share these news!

Delighted to share these news!

Alain's Framed Collection won the Azure Award in the category best in design for interior products. 

The latest Azure's Magazine publication reads about the concept of the collection as a sustainable acoustic solution.

“I’ve never seen anything like it —

it’s so weird and very interesting.”

Jay Osgerby

"Equal parts modern art, sound-absorbing panel and
natural enhancement, Framed delivers impactful and functional design unlike any other in the acoustic solution category. " reads further the article.

This recognition is a real honour for the whole Greenmood team. The hard work and time invested in the creation of this collection certainly payed off.

We would like to thank Alain Gilles - for being an integral part of this brand and helping us improve and grow. Special thanks to our Sabrina, who flew all the way from California to Toronto for meeting the incredible Azure Media team and for proudly representing Greenmood.



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