The soothing benefits of nature indoors

The soothing benefits of nature indoors

Add a visual oasis of calm to a busy environment with this gentle eucalyptus leaf arrangement. Silver Drop - named after its silverish green tones and raindrop-shaped leaves - adds volume and texture to otherwise smooth and blank walls.

The silvery blue-green tones of the eucalyptus foliage bring the soothing benefits of the natural world indoors. Each leaf features a waxy texture and leather-like surface, providing visual appeal and a pleasing gentle, natural odor.

Hardy Eucalyptus plants are native to Australia  often thriving in extreme heat environments.

This handpicked, natural foliage enhances your space with acoustic and biophilic benefits.

Available in any size you need

Silver Drop can be installed on any type of wall, either by itself or as an accompaniment to other products in our Design Collection.

This biophilic element is completely natural and has gone through a non-toxic preservation process, so it maintains the natural look of a living plant. It's also available in any custom size you require, lending itself to many creative arrangement possibilities.

Available in any size you need


Our Silver Drop provides undeniable sound-reducing qualities.

Working together we will provide you with the best acoustic solution possible according to your space.

   Life span & conditions of use

Preserved Silver Drop is 100% maintenance free: it does not need water, pruning nor sunlight.

It keeps its natural form, color & texture for up to 7 years, but only if used in optimal conditions:

•  Indoor use only

•  Limited direct sunlight exposure (it can handle it, but life span will not be optimal)

•  Avoid touching, folding, crushing etc.

•  Relative humidity in the room between 20% and 80%

•  Avoid proximity with water sources & heat sources

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